Welcome to Matas' Apartments


We have, inside the Chora of Tinos, at the most quiet location of the city, brand new, sunny, independent, self-existent and luxurious apartments (A Class officially certified by the National Organization of Tourism), suitably fashioned for summer and winter accommodation, emphasized in high quality, well-groomed in every detail, with “meraki” (pleasure of accomplishment) and love.

The curved antique beds and furniture, the blown handmade lights, the internal marble-sculptured tableaus and the marble garden tables, dominating in exterior design of the group, compose a perfect and incomparable unit, harmonized in the original Cycladic environment.

All the apartments view in a home made bloomy garden and combine traditional Cycladic architecture with modern accommodations and comforts even for 5-member families.

For the beginning you shall feel that our apartments are friendly and warm. You should feel like home! You will have a unique opportunity for an unforgettable and fabulous stay!