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Welcome to Matas' Apartments
Dear travelers,
Anchor in Cyclades Islands, on the sacred island of Our Lady Virgin Mary. With great pleasure we welcome you in wonderful Tinos, famous for its history, its natural beauties, dreamlike beaches, fairy villages and catholic monasteries. One is worth to pay a visit and admire Evangelistria, the temple of Poseidon, the Archaeological Museum, the Institute of Tinos Civilization, the Museum of Marble sculpture, the House and Museum of Yiannoulis Halepas, the Museum of Tinos Artists, the Sacred Monastery of Kehrovounio, all that a guest would enjoy visiting on this island which, despite these modern times, it preserves its authenticity.
When an idea combines with inspiration and "meraki" (pleasure of accomplishment), the result has to be successful! With emphasis on high aesthetics and with special care, we created in Chora of Tinos the fabulous Cyclades - architectural - styled complex "Mata's Apartments", which offers you the unique opportunity to enjoy wonderful moments of relaxation, unconcern and calmness, under the sound of the waters of our waterfall!
Our tasteful, luxurious and cared to every detail apartments, viewing a verdurous house garden full of flowers (Α-class officially certified), combining the traditional Cyclades architecture with the modern comfort, simplicity and romantic air of the island view, result to the perfect accommodation for your pleasure!
It is unique when leaving home to be able to find another place so warm, welcoming and homely, like your own!
This is why in this relaxing neoclassic decoration of "Mata's" we built an ideal place for you to live a dreamlike sensual voyage of to another romantic era through the carved antique bedrooms, in harmony with the aged blown-glass lights and the marble-carved panels, works of art by known Tinos artists, to a journey through the history and the tradition of the island!!!
Our experienced personnel, taking into consideration the personal style of each individual visitor, always with a smile, elegant appearance and perfect service that transpires true hospitality, will do everything for you to live the enjoyment of exclusive care in every moment!
Your absolute satisfaction makes us proud of each year we win the most important and honorable title, the one of your trust!
Either as a passer-by or as a visitor, we wait for you with a warm welcome!!! 
Enjoy your stay!